Study: 66% Of Europeans Feel Optimistic About Future Of Bitcoin

Europeans are feeling more optimistic about the future of bitcoin. A recent study shows that two thirds of them believe cryptocurrency will remain in existence in 10 years time, with some convinced BTC will become a key part of the economy, both as a security and investment.

A latest study, said Europeans are feeling more upbeat that digital financial assets will remain in use by 2030, perhaps awakened to the reality because of the stringent Covid-19 lockdowns, which forced services to go strictly online.

At least 66% of people in Europe are confident of bitcoin’s future. That’s 3% above the number of people who showed similar optimism in 2019, in addition, citing a poll of 10,000 Europeans across 10 countries. 

Italy, which experienced a peak in coronavirus restrictions in March, is the most confident with 72% believing in the longevity of cryptocurrency, while the UK is the least confident at 56%, poll results show. About 70% of people in the Netherlands and Poland believe in a future for digital assets.

Most Europeans remain unclear about the real use cases for BTC in future or how cryptocurrencies will cement their place within their respective economies. Around 10% expressed confidence bitcoin will become an everyday currency or that it will be used as a security or investment, the study revealed.

In Italy, however, 12% of the people believe that cryptocurrency will one day be used as mainstream currency, a 2% increase from the previous year. The figure compares with 10% of Polish and 5% of British citizens who are convinced this could be the case.

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