Benefits of DigiLocker – Hands are Free When You are on Cloud

Digilocker Cloud storage for Documents

Digi locker is an initiative taken by the government of India, as part of Digital India Initiative to store essential documents in the digital form and can be accessed through the website. Any individual can use the digilocker by registering with their Aadhar number. To accomplish the mission of digital India this initiative is taken keeping in … Read more

5 Ways Blockchain Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency Transactions: Unveiling the Future of Finance

Blockchain Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency Transactions

Hey there, crypto geeks! Have you ever liked to send and receive cryptocurrencies, though there was a hinder of transaction fees and annoying worries over their safety long after? If yes, then never mind; you are not the only one. You need not worry, because we are about to get down into detail regarding this … Read more

How Your Credit Score Can Impact Your Home Loan Interest Rate?

Credit Score Impact Your Home Loan Interest Rate

It is a dream for every Indian to own a home of his own and in order to fulfil this dream one needs to know the eligibility criteria before applying for a home loan. While home loans are offered based on various factors, the interest rate may differ based on the specifications and requirements provided … Read more

Things To Consider Before Applying For A Home Loan

Applying For Home Loan Check list

Buying a home is a huge decision and there is a lot to learn before you start shopping for your dream home. Being prepared for what’s to come will help make the process easy and painless. The recent increase in focus on the affordable housing segment, a lot of positivity is noted in today’s anxious … Read more

How to Find Multibagger Stocks in the Share Market?

Find Multibagger Stocks

Are you interested in finding multibagger stocks in the share market? In this blog, we will discuss some important criteria to consider when looking for these high-potential stocks. Criteria Number One: Chart Pattern One of the first criteria to look for is a chart pattern. Pay attention to the left to right movement of the … Read more

All that You Need to Know about Wallet Payments

Need to Know about Wallet Payments

Wallet payments can be generally referred to as mobile money or a mobile wallet that helps to make payments operated under financial authority using a mobile device. Your personal mobile device can do a lot excluding making calls and messaging. A mobile wallet can easily replace your physical/ plastic money.  A digital wallet is exactly what we … Read more

List of Best Digital Wallets Online in India

Best Digital Wallets Online

Digital wallets or e-wallets are electronic wallets that helps in making payments online. The transactions done by digital wallets are quick and secured. It’s a password protected wallet that has your bank accounts details, which then makes it easier to make future payments because then you don’t have to enter your information every time you … Read more

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service (AEPS)

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service

Aadhaar enabled payment service was developed by NCPI to facilitate financial transactions just by using Aadhaar number. This was introduced after making Aadhaar linkage to bank account mandatory. It offers services like fund transfer, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, payment transaction, etc. No OTP or ATM pin is required here. As the name suggests, the Aadhaar … Read more