Benefits of DigiLocker – Hands are Free When You are on Cloud

Digi locker is an initiative taken by the government of India, as part of Digital India Initiative to store essential documents in the digital form and can be accessed through the website. Any individual can use the digilocker by registering with their Aadhar number. To accomplish the mission of digital India this initiative is taken keeping in mind the convenience of the people and make them smart enough to adapt to the technology-driven world and stay wise.

How is digilocker beneficial?

Digi locker eases the pain of carrying physical documents for any work that require these documents like identity proofs and verification of the individual.

Benefits of DigiLocker
Benefits of DigiLocker

Here are some of the benefits of the digilocker:

  • It minimizes the use of physical documents and authenticates the e-documents.
  • The documents are easily accessible anytime, anywhere and can be shared online.
  • The validation of the documents become easy as the documents are issued by the registered users only.
  • The administrative work becomes simplified with less number of papers and administrative records.
  • Self-attestation is easy as the e-documents can be re-signed that is equivalent to self-attestation done for physical documents.
  • It is safe and secure with back up in place.
  • Data sharing goes with proper consent to keep safety prior.

What are the most important documents to be saved on digi locker?

  • Every person has its own document requirement but the important documents are common to all.
  • Aadhar is the primary document that has everything linked with it. You can store other relevant documents that you might fear to lose.
  • Pan card, passport, voter id, birth certificate, driving license, etc.
  • Other documents that can be stored can be your investment papers or proofs, property papers, educational documents, tax papers, etc.

Digi locker has been designed keeping in mind the digitization and people getting technology friendly. Where we lack is the utility of any initiative for betterment. Digi locker has been designed for the ease of people and going paperless. There are times that senior citizens keep struggling with file management. Making the best use of such facilities not only make the country progressive but also add other values. One can not only save time but become efficient with work and can manage other things well in time.

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