3 Top Places to Travel under 2 Lakhs

We all want a chance to travel and sometimes travel extensively. However, with a busy life in urban cities, time and money management can get difficult. Taking out time can be made possible with the right work management skills while money needs to be effectively planned. But with if the money saved is not quite enough, then it’s better to plan in advance. Personal loan for travel can be the most suitable option to get you.

With successful planning and contemplation, a plan within your fixed budget can be planned easily. Holiday destinations are many, hence booking can be months before. Although, there are many holiday locations for a traveler the top ones which can be covered under the budget of 2 lac are a few! 

Listed below are the top 3 places for an amazing experience!

1. Maldives

The Maldives being a Muslim majority island, is quite popular as a honeymoon destination. Considered to be the smallest Asian country, Maldives is inhabited with 200 surrounding islands. This beautiful place has many beaches, coral islands, water sports, underwater surfing, reefs, etc. -The place is famous for beaches, coral atolls, water sports (like jet-skiing, windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling), blue lagoons, underwater sceneries, marine birds, palm trees and reefs. This place is apt for a budget constraint tour within the probable spending of 2 lac or lower. You can also choose local accommodation for your stay and save some money.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia is quite famous for its beautiful sceneries. The spas here are very popular, located within very attractive surroundings. Natural beauty can be found everywhere. The green-blue contrasts are very refreshing from the monotony of life.  The Indonesian cuisine is paradise like, with the best seafood ever. The beaches and jungles are the best getaways inside the boundaries of Indonesia.

3. Malaysia

Malaysia is again quite loved by travelers for the pristine beaches, beautiful parks, and rain forests. Kuala Lumpur is the capital is known for being the best shopping center. Underwater sports like scuba diving and snorkeling must be on your tick off the list. The peace of mind in the calm waters and marine life can blow you away. This 3rd choice on our list can easily fit your budget and make it extravagant too. This place is extraordinarily celebrated with abundant festivals and events. A nice vacation plan can be easily fulfilled with Malaysia and its beauty.

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