Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service (AEPS)

Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service

Aadhaar enabled payment service was developed by NCPI to facilitate financial transactions just by using Aadhaar number. This was introduced after making Aadhaar linkage to bank account mandatory. It offers services like fund transfer, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, payment transaction, etc. No OTP or ATM pin is required here. As the name suggests, the Aadhaar … Read more

3 Top Places to Travel under 2 Lakhs

Places to Travel under 2 Lakhs

We all want a chance to travel and sometimes travel extensively. However, with a busy life in urban cities, time and money management can get difficult. Taking out time can be made possible with the right work management skills while money needs to be effectively planned. But with if the money saved is not quite enough, … Read more

National Pension Scheme Plans 2023 (NPS) – Govt Approved Pension Scheme

National Pension Scheme Plans (NPS)

A Government Approved pension scheme for the elderly and ageing citizens. It is that contribution scheme where the pension amount received changes with the amount of corpus accumulated at maturity. An efficient NPS calculator reveals the exact amount of the corpus which will accrue to you at the time of maturity and the approximate amount … Read more

Top Facts to Know About Loans for a Fresher

Facts to Know About Loans for a Fresher

As a fresher, you must have your feet on the ground. Through our blog,  we will throw light on certain things that will help you to get your college life a flying start.  This is especially important if you are waiting to build bank balances to achieve your dreams. With dreams on your mind, your job can help to fulfill all your needs … Read more

Top Risks of Financial Planning you Must Know

Top Risks of Financial Planning you Must Know

When you’re in a mood to indulge in financial planning, it’s extremely important to know the attached risks of it. Let’s quickly understand the gains & losses of your financial decision. When describing a portfolio, we can underline two types of risk:  Good risk which gets compensated with high expected returns.  The bad risk for which you don’t receive any compensation at all.  It’s definitely not a good idea to focus … Read more

Best Financial Advice for your First Job

Best Financial Advice for your First Job

They say your younger days help you to mold in the best possible manner. The habits you pick up while growing up stay with you that throughout your life. When you’re going to join your first job every after post-graduation/graduation, you’re supposedly in the good position to take make or break career choices, which eventually make … Read more

Best Reasons to give when Applying for a Personal Loan

Reason for Apply Personal Loan

Every individual will have a different reason to apply for a personal loan. A few are good for quick application & approvals, while others may not be so. The reasons could be consolidating high-interest credit card debt,  huge wedding expenditure,  sponsoring leisure trips, etc. We can also include festive events, pending house repairs, or emergency medical expenses.  You can easily use personal loans by borrowing from a bank, local lender, or online P2P lenders without forgoing collateral of value/use. This level of flexibility makes it attractive … Read more

7 Financial Mistakes Every Women Should Avoid

Financial Mistakes Every Women Should Avoid

Let’s be honest enough to accept that Indian women are still learning to manage their finances efficiently & indecently. They are still found to lean on men to consult their financial decisions & action plans. Whether it’s your father, brother, or husband, there’s a certain level of dependency seen. This is also substantiated by the age-old traditions of how men take charge of … Read more