Why does Crypto Space demand hard forking?

Crypto Space demand hard forking

Most people had good vibes for blockchain technology in its nascent stage of development; however, with time, as the technology scaled, vulnerabilities started surfacing. It was back then when the concept of hard forking started to make headlines. In most of the instances, the fork generally happens when the user base or developers anticipate future … Read more

Best Reasons to Give When Applying for a Personal Loan

Best Reasons to Give When Applying for a Personal Loan

Every individual will have a different reason to apply for a personal loan. A few are good for quick application & approvals, while others may not be so. The reasons could be consolidating high-interest credit card debt,  huge wedding expenditure,  sponsoring leisure trips, etc. We can also include festive events, pending house repairs, or emergency medical expenses.  You can easily use personal loans by borrowing from a bank, local lender, or online P2P lenders without forgoing collateral of value/use. This level of flexibility makes it attractive … Read more

Study: 66% Of Europeans Feel Optimistic About Future Of Bitcoin

Extend Existing Blockchain Systems Scalability

Europeans are feeling more optimistic about the future of bitcoin. A recent study shows that two thirds of them believe cryptocurrency will remain in existence in 10 years time, with some convinced BTC will become a key part of the economy, both as a security and investment. A latest study, said Europeans are feeling more upbeat that digital … Read more

Can We Extend Existing Blockchain Systems Scalability With Pruning Capabilities?

Extend Existing Blockchain Systems Scalability

It is a known fact that every new node, to comply with Bitcoin blockchain protocols, as a public blockchain node, has to obtain and verify all blockchain data, both the recent and the historic data. Which has taken a toll on the scalability feasibility for years now. When a node first joins the Bitcoin network, … Read more

Illinois Legalizes Blockchain Contracts

Illinois Legalizes Blockchain

The state’s “Blockchain Technology Act,” sponsored by Rep. Keith Wheeler (R), took effect Jan. 1, opening a slew of potential new legal scenarios for blockchain-based contracts. The Act read that a smart contract, record or signature may not be denied legal effect or enforceability solely because a blockchain was used to create, store or verify … Read more